Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine Punky Parties Fixin's

It has been a LONG, LONG while since I posted but I sure have been busy! I hope everyone had a magnificent Christmas and New Years but now it is time to kick into Valentine Mode. I am so excited to offer everyone some great Valentine Punky Parties Fixin's. This idea started when I put Katalina in a Mother's Day Out program and I found myself spending a lot of time during the Holidays trying to get everyone in her class and her teachers a gift. I thought to myself I could really use someone who would just sale a package and say...okay you can get 15 of these and 15 of these and then a nice gift for the teacher. Essentially I was needing to hire myself. What I love about Punky Parties Fixins is everything is handmade and can be customized. For instance you pick and choose what you would like in your Fixins delivery. Example: For Katalina's class I am doing 8 bows for the girls (seen middle left) and 7 bow ties for the boys(seen top left), plus 15 Lovebug pencils (seen on the bottom right) and for the teachers I am doing handmade cookie stands (seen top right) with cookies on them. This idea can carry over to the workplace for your coworkers and boss (that is why I am offering flowers). If you are interested in only one of the items that is okay too! It is time to get Punky!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weird Wacky Wednesday 9.8.10

Here we are again...Weird Wacky Wednesday. So this Wednesday is extra Wacky because we have been getting all this rain. In spirit of this down pour I thought it would be fun to post some things dealing with UMBRELLAS.

Quick little story to set the mood though. When I was in Kindergarten I had the best teacher...no really I did! She was so creative and kind and she never laughed at me when I said that I wanted to be a MOMMY when I grow up. Well she came up with a creative idea for us to really learn our alphabet. We had an alphabet circus parade! I will never forget it...we marched through the classroom, the library, the cafeteria...it was such a shining moment for ME!..heehehe...Each child had to pull a letter out of the hat and that would be the letter they morphed into....so I stepped up, super excited by the way, and pulled my glorious letter out and ta da...it was "U"! I remember being so disappointed and upset because I couldn't think of what to do right away. So I took my awesome letter home and explained to my mom that I must become a "U" and how I was going to be the suckiest letter in the WORLD! Well Daisy (my beautiful mom) she never lets me down, NEVER. She began working on my "U" and she made me this beautiful "U" like poncho...hard to explain...it was really nice and I put it on...it was Giant because I was so small and then she said...there you go! I was like...ummm seriously....and I cried like my little Katalina does when things aren't up to par. My mom laughed and said wait a minute, I have something else for you and she pulled out the most beautiful parasol umbrella I had ever seen. It was pink with lace and it was just my size. She told me that I was going to be the most beautiful Umbrella in the World. I marched that day, pumping my umbrella up and down, up and down, with SO MUCH PRIDE! It is something I will never forget...my mom always came to my rescue when times were cloudy and rainy...literally! The letter "U" has crept back in my life recently! The letter "U" is pretty significant in my life...well it truly is! About 2 years ago my husband and I named our Youth Group at Church the "U"...the U within Jesus, the U within Triumph...funny how God works huh! So for this WEIRD, WACKY WEDNESDAY I say bring on the rain and just give me an umbrella.

The above pictures were taken from different etsy sellers, Martha Stewart and Tootsies Children Rainwear:






Thursday, September 2, 2010

Punky Parties Fixins...delivered to you in a box!

So I know everyone has been waiting to see what I got for the Holidays and it has arrived. This concept has been in the works for like years and now I just feel it is time to jump out and see how well it is received. I don't have great pics yet but will by the middle of the month. I will have my first PUNKY PARTIES FIXINS event in the middle of the month and promise to get it all captured then. I love custom, handcrafted events tied in with traditional event items but lets me honest, not everyone has enough time to plan something. Well that is where Punky Parties comes in. How would you like to receive a box full of FIXINS for your party and all custom (meaning choose your colors, theme, etc)? I know I would...can I hire myself...hehehehehe! The great thing too, is you decide what you want in your box...invitations, plates, napkins, centerpieces, favors, chandelier, bows, linen...all up to you! Then I will deliver it to your house in a PUNKY PARTIES FIXINS BOX...(the overall look for this is still in the works...but coming along). I will have basic FIXIN delivery boxes but you will have to sign up for my emails to receive pricing...well at least until I get a website. I will also be teaming up with other vendors to help provide unique things in your box. If you are interested in getting pricing on any item or Punky Parties Fixins please just email me at katherine@punkyparties.com. If you have already signed up I will be emailing this weekend what to expect in these boxes. For now enjoy some sample items that you could find in your box:

Handcrafted Invites...your options are endless here:
Custom Plates...any colors:
Wrapped Silverware with Bow and Custom Straws:
Unique & Chic Chandeliers above your tables:
Garland or Pennant:


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weird Wacky Wednesday 9.1.10

So like I mentioned last week I wanted to start a new thing on my blog where on Wednesday I just post something Weird & Wacky and crafty. Wednesday is either your half empty or half full day, sucks you have 2 more days left or excited there is only 2 more days left, or you can't believe you made it up this hump or wow you can't wait to roll down it. Wednesday is my favorite because I get refreshed and rejuvenated! Hopefully this post will make you feel more positive about your day!

Now that I have children...preserving our EARTH seems to be more and more important. Not that it wasn't before but my mind starts to wonder about my generations to come and what can I do to impact the type of environment they will live in. In my life I have begun to think about things around the household that can be re used for crafts...wire hangers, paper, shoe boxes...and drum roll TOILET PAPER ROLLS. I love to take them and use them as surprise, party poppers...like below:Or what about using it for a simple bird feeder:Or check out this creative artist Anastassia-Elias: http://www.anastassia-elias.com/http://www.anastassia-elias.com/

Just like Wednesday...look beyond the trash can for these rolls...use them to their FULL POTENTIAL and ps...don't be afraid to get PUNKY!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Too Tulle Crazy!

I know everyone is waiting on some Halloween ideas and they are coming...promise. But for now I wanted to post some TULLE crazy pics from the past. I don't know what it is about Tutu's that I love...as you can see below I even wore one when I was prego (talk about looking like a hippo). Have fun and don't get tulle crazy!Me & Cody!
One of our precious clients *PUNKY plug:1* Cutie Bow Tutie (look at that beautiful lady bug bow)Me and the family last Halloween...we kept it simple and tulle crazy!Precious client Nadia...look how sweet she is! (Cutie Bow Tutie)
My beautiful Katalina at her 2nd Birthday (this is where all the tulle madness began)
Her beautiful cake...thanks to *PUNKY Plug:2* Lisa Kattmann...visit her at http://kattmanncreative.blogspot.com/
Some candy jars I made for the guest! FUN FUN FUN!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So Halloween is our next big seasonal shin dig! As the season approaches I always use this beautiful picture for INSPIRATION. This was made by *PUNKY plug* Cutie Bow Tutie (yes another company I co-run with a young lady named Lisa Marie.) She is the best bow maker in town. She also does great crafts for CHEER teams! Look closely and you will see the beautiful bow, witch hat and the GORGEOUS bow flip flops. I was the creator of the tutu and wand (best to this date). SOOOO anyways, need some inspiration for Halloween...have a look at this precious....we named her Leilaween!
Also if you want to join my email list please email me at Katherine@punkyparties.com...I am putting together some Halloween decor packages!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We've got SPIRIT...YES we do, we've got spirit...HOW about you!

High School Football Season has arrived and in TEXAS this is serious business! Football season isn't just big for the players and their families...it really involves every part of the student body...cheerleaders, band members, student council, dancers and many, many more organizations. Super delighted to bring some SCHOOL SPIRIT to the Stevens High School cheerleading squad...GO FALCONS!
*Sorry for the poor picture quality...forgot the camera!